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Tips for Finding the Right House


Tips for Finding the Right House

The best way to start a home search is by keeping a top 10 list of essentials and deal breakers. Also, consider your lifestyle, pets, location needs, and necessary features, among other things.

NEW YORK – Looking for a house to buy can be a daunting task. Buying a home is typically the most significant investment you make in your lifetime. Focusing on what to look for should begin with clearly defining the perfect home. It's easy to become distracted when looking at houses to buy, so having a list of the must-haves and nice-to-haves is an essential first step.

An excellent way to start your search is to write down the essential things the house should have. Ask your family to sit down with you and write their top 10 things the new home should have. Also, list what you don't want the house to have.

Then, compare the lists with your family to compile the list of 10 things your new home should have: location, elevator, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms. Next, list 10 things that would be nice to have. This may include things like having a swimming pool or fireplace. Do you want to be in a gated community, or is privacy with room to spread out more important? Is a view critical?

If you have a pet, consider things like if there is an accessible area to walk your dog. Think through your typical year. Do you need a big dining room for family get-togethers? Is having a modern kitchen or a large pantry area vital if you like to cook?

Finally, create the same list of what the new home should not have. There could be too many stairs to the primary bedroom or the kitchen and pantry areas too far from where you park your car to unload groceries comfortably. Is the house downwind of a sewer pumping station where odors could be problematic?

Writing these lists will help keep you focused and less frustrated and is an excellent approach to defining what you're looking for in a house and remembering to involve your family in the decision-making process. I'd like to point out that you should determine your priorities and preferences before starting the home-buying journey.

Here are some additional factors you may want to consider when looking for the right house:

  • Budget: Determine how much you can afford to spend on a house, including potential mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs.
  • Location: Consider proximity to schools, work, amenities, public transportation, safety, and neighborhood vibe.
  • Size and layout: Think about the number of vehicles you need to park and the overall layout and flow of the house.
  • Condition of the property: Decide if you prefer a move-in ready home that needs renovations or updates.
  • Future needs: Think about your plans and whether the house can accommodate potential changes such as a growing family or aging in place.
  • Resale value: Consider the house's potential resale value if you need to sell it. It usually takes more work to sell a house bigger or smaller than the typical house in the neighborhood.
  • Home features: List specific features you desire, such as a backyard, garage, updated kitchen, energy-efficient appliances, etc.
  • Home inspection: Plan to have a professional home inspection before finalizing the purchase to uncover any potential issues with the property.

By considering these factors and the top 10 must-have items identified by your family, you can narrow your search and find the right house that meets your needs and preferences. Good luck with your house-hunting journey!


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